My coffee maker died

Friday – Woke up in one of the most exhausting morning ever especially after the baby was up all night long, I  went up to the coffeemaker put the water in, filter and the ground coffee in and press the brew bottom,  wait a couple of seconds no sounds of warming up, no sound of Life!!!!!!  it had me up right away, wait what’s going on, unplug the cord from the outlet, plug back in, press brew again and still nothing ……….then long pause…………………..well it’s been 7 years without fail I think this is it!!!!! I have to get ready and go to work on a Friday Morning without my morning coffee it was not an easy thing. Thank you Mr. Coffee machine for all this years.

Saturday – I brew my Coffee in a Greca that’s how you called it in Spanish other words Expresso stovetop; you have to have one of this for Emergency …. But it will take a little longer to brew the coffee because you have to wait for the water to be boiled,  it will take more than 10 minutes depends on the speed of the fire of your stove I know mine it’s a little slow . Long story short make two strong cup of coffee with milk for my husband and myself it works!!!!! LOL

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