Maternity Style

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Oh how I love playing dress up when I was pregnant, it’s so much fun going through the  closet and play around with what you already have, your clothes will look so different on you when you pregnant so don’t feel like ” Oh I have wore this previously  I don’t want to look the same  . Dressing up when pregnant was always fun for me again you always have to make the best of it , don’t  get me wrong I do remember having the feeling that nothing fits me everything is too small,  Again  is how you look at things (Hubby’s favorite words)…… I always go for comfortable clothing such a Tights, Dresses, (Boyfriend jeans ) this just to name a few . You want to look stylish don’t get your pregnancy take over you .  I was lucky enough that both of my pregnancy it was not in a bad winter so I don’t really know whats like wearing a big heavy coat or sweaters while pregnant,  So Kudos for you who have experienced it.

Word of advice:  With all those changing hormone in your body being pregnant can make you feel down at times and dressing up, doing my hair and my nails was always a good therapy for me, always makes me feel happy, beautiful and full of energy again . so its important for you not to loose your touch when you are having a bun in the oven 🙂