Hi my name is Rubina Rosario I’m a wife to Rafael and a Mommy to Naila and Charlize . My main reason I  started this blog journal  is to share some of my experience with my family, thoughts, advice  that I wish I have known before and hopping  it will make an impact on some of you reading my post.

I’m not a professional writer or a have a good writing skill base on my background I was born in Dominican republic and grow up in indonesia and came to the US when I was 18 years old. Everything that you see here is all me being myself and speaking in my very own language, so I apologize for those who are grammar freaks, I speak Spanish and Indonesian and English Grammar is not the easiest subject because there are so many rules. and I cant keep on track of all those rules, and we all make mistakes so I apologize once again.

Some of my topics that interested to talk is about parenting/ family, home and garden, product review, arts and craft ideas, kids style , fashion and a lot more !!!! tell me who doesn’t search for this topics on a daily basis ? I know I’m one of them 🙂 Anyways ……………… Stay tuned for more on our family Journal