My coffee maker died

Friday – Woke up in one of the most exhausting morning ever especially after the baby was up all night long, I  went up to the coffeemaker put the water in, filter and the ground coffee in and press the brew bottom,  wait a couple of seconds no sounds of warming up, no sound of Life!!!!!!  it had me up right away, wait what’s going on, unplug the cord from the outlet, plug back in, press brew again and still nothing ……….then long pause…………………..well it’s been 7 years without fail I think this is it!!!!! I have to get ready and go to work on a Friday Morning without my morning coffee it was not an easy thing. Thank you Mr. Coffee machine for all this years.

Saturday – I brew my Coffee in a Greca that’s how you called it in Spanish other words Expresso stovetop; you have to have one of this for Emergency …. But it will take a little longer to brew the coffee because you have to wait for the water to be boiled,  it will take more than 10 minutes depends on the speed of the fire of your stove I know mine it’s a little slow . Long story short make two strong cup of coffee with milk for my husband and myself it works!!!!! LOL

Sunday – I Went buy a Coffeemaker and this time trying out something different, I’m always curious about K-cup machine, I know there’s always good and bad reviews about this so I decided to get a machine where you can do both like , I read a few good and bad reviews mostly good
Cuisinart SS-15 12-Cup Coffee Maker and Single-Serve Brewer, Stainless Steel just like everything else, so why not giving it a try. First thing that afternoon when I got home I set up the coffeemaker right away , I’m a manual reader I know some of us skip that part (I learned the hard way,  trust me when I say the hard way ) for the set up its pretty easy,  to break it down you always want to rinse every part  where the water is going and always do one brew cycle with clean water to rinse the water tank of the coffeemaker, oh and not forget to mention the this machine comes with two Charcoal water cartridges that you have to activate with a cold tap water for 15 minutes and they instructed to replace the cartridges every 60 days. I did my researched on amazon and I can get 12 filters for like $14 is not bad it’s worth it knowing the filter will eliminate chlorine, bad taste and odors from tap water. To read more how does Charcoal water cartridges work click on the link . Anyways it’s almost a week now so far so good still learning how to use the single serve side since (we got for ‘S) you can use this both ways this machine includes the Cuisinart homebarista reusable filter cup for brewing with your own coffee or tea, this part is what sold me, my husband and I enjoy a good cup of coffee on a daily basis and a good tea every once in awhile in the summer and mostly throughout the fall and winter season. If you have same experience like me , I would like to hear comment below to share your story or if you have any questions about my experience with the Cuisinart coffee machine please let me know I will be gladly to answer all your questions.  We take our coffee very seriously.


Always have a backup, it doesn’t have to be a Greca or an espresso stove top, it can be any other non-expensive brand just in case your favorite coffeemaker gave away after many years of used!!!!!! And it was about time to get a new one for us.

Here is a picture of the machine


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