Hospital bag must have list

Hospital bag must have checklist

Actually this is the checklist I put together based on a few research and from my experience from my previous pregnancy

For Mommy :

  1. Your ID and Insurance card
  2. Birth plan
  3. Continuously drink your prenatal
  4. Make up bag + Toiletries (your lip balm, hair ties, Moisturizer , Deodorant MUST HAVE LOL!!! ) , Comb, Bath towel and etc.,
  5. two sets of pajama, in my case on both of my pregnancy I was in the hospital for 4 -5 days so my husband end up going home to get me more clothes
  6. Nursing bra / Nursing tanks , breast pads
  7. Easy clothes to get in and out like a yoga pants
  8. A pair of slipper and socks
  9. Going home outfit
  10. Pads they usually provide at the hospital but they big bulky ones, Personally I  love it so this way you don’t have to change constantly well its all depend on your flow, or you can bring your own whichever you feel comfortable ….the key is if you giving a natural birth I prefer the bulky one because this way you can also add some ice to release some soreness on your private area (I hope this is not TMI !!!!!! )
  11. Electronics like your Cell Phone, Phone Charger, and Camera, laptop or a table

For  Baby

  1. A Boppy pillow it’s a must……… I get to use this lot especially when feeding the baby
  2. Diapers, Wipes, Diaper cream
  3. Baby going home outfit – Depends on the season if it’s cold you need to keep the baby nice and warm
  4. Swaddles  
  5. Socks, hats, mittens to avoid them scratching their little face
  6. Onesie
  7. Pacifier
  8. Car seat

For Mom Hospital provide :

Bath towel

Nipple cream/ Nipple butter

Pads (Thick ones)

Numbing spray

Disposable under garment

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Body wash hair dryer



For the Baby :



Onesies + hats

Disposable bulb syringe enables you to safely clear a newborn’s nose and mouth as well as their ears


For Dad

  1. Pajamas
  2. Change of clothes
  3. Toiletries
  4. Slippers + Socks
  5. Phone Charger
  6. And some cash

Extra items depend on your birthing plan

  1. Birthing ball
  2. Bluetooth speaker ( Yeah some mom wants music on part of their plan) wish I thought of this earlier not a bad idea!!!!! Note : Don’t put it too loud LOL !!!!!
  3. Birthing gown  ( I always want to use my own birthing gown , but do you think you have time to even think about a gown when you in labor , Wait unless you have the Epidural which in my case i didn’t !!!!!
  4. And not forgetting the sibling , you always want to give them a little something like a gift so they won’t feel left out .


Oh and lastly don’t forget you need a bag to fit in all the items I mention above , I always prefer a bag with wheels to make it easier on your partner because when you leave the hospital they will take you on a wheelchair until you get to your car and someone have to hold the baby car seat  and pushing you at the same time So make this as part of your plan how can we make it easier on other as well , you are lucky enough if you have a lot  of help .

FYI – When you getting yourself register at the Hospital it is recommended  to do it a month before your due date,  set up an appointment to check out the rooms where you going to stay and during the walk ask questions what the hospital is providing you , this way you have an idea what to bring in your bag, because not every hospital provide you with everything that I just mention on the list . I have two girls and I gave birth in two different hospital one is providing everything and the other didn’t so it’s important always ask those questions. Oh and don’t refuse anything the hospital give you because i promise you they will come in handy once you at home home .


Ok I think I cover pretty much everything wish you good luck on you baby.




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